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Call for Papers and Panels. Gendered Citizenship: History, Politics and Democracy. The Ida Blom Conference, 14-15 October 2013, Norway


Norway was a pioneer state in Europe introducing the general vote for both 
men and women in 1913. As part of the 100-year celebration, The University of Bergen

and Uni Rokkan Centre will organize an international conference on gendered citizenship.

The conference is named after Professor Emerita Ida Blom from the University of Bergen. 
We want to ask how gender issues both influence and challenge the meaning of citizenship. 
The notion of citizenship evokes questions of belonging, language, identity and the body, 
calling for a thorough rethinking of what it means to be a human being and a member of 
society in the world today. The conference embraces an interdisciplinary and broadly framed 
approach to historical and contemporary questions concerning gender equality and democracy, 
both in the political and in the cultural sphere.

The conference webpage:

 Call for panels and papers:

In accordance with the broad scope of the conference we welcome panels and papers on topics that

include and exceed those that are ultimately tied to participation in the formal political system.

The panel sessions are divided into three thematic strands:

·         Representation, Democracy and Freedom

·         Sexual Citizenship

·         Gender and the Public Sphere.

Call for papers:

Call for panels:

 Deadline for papers and panels: 1 March 2013

Conference email: