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2016: Bodies. Big Data. Believers. Twists, Turns and Challenges in 21st Century Gender Research.

Uden navnThe Coordination for Gender Research calls for abstracts to the international conference on Bodies, Big Data and Believers in Copenhagen 28th to 29th April 2016.

The aim of this international and interdisciplinary conference is to explore and advance the 21st century research in gender and body dynamics beyond existing theoretical and methodological and empirical perspectives. The conference will focus on the entanglement of cutting edge theory, methodology and policy and include both emerging and more established research paradigms. The conference will contain of 3 keynote lectures, addressing main themes of the conference: Bodies, Big Data and Believers.

Professor Ratna Kapur, Jindal Global Law School, New Delhi

Professor Kapur is a Director of the Centre for Feminist Legal Research in New Delhi. She has written and published extensively on human rights, international law, postcolonial and feminist legal theory.

Professor Leslie McCall, Department of Sociology at Northwestern University, Chicago

Leslie McCalls work has demonstrated how big data,  quantitative methodologies, regression and network analysis can be said to connect and advance recent ideas of intersectionality  in gender research.

Associate Professor Andrea C. White, Faculty of Union Theological Seminary, New York

Andrea Whites work is specialized in womanist theology with research interests in theologies of otherness, theological anthropology and the relationship between philosophy and theology.


Besides the keynote speakers, it will be a workshop based conference with panel debate/workshop sessions that are going to cover an extensive range of topics in relation to Twists, Turns and Challenges in 21st Century Gender Research. We call for abstracts related to various aspects focusing on themes of bodies, quantitative methods, religion, and gender research. The abstracts may relate to one of the themes below or alternatively come up with their own suggestions!

  • Fat, Fitness, Pharma, Food
  • Reproductive technologies
  • Quantitative methods
  • Queer Architecture and Urban planning
  • Refugees and Global Mobility
  • Religion and Gender
  • Feminist economy
  • Diagnosis systems


Deadline for abstracts: 20th of February 2016. The abstracts are to be sent to: The abstract should have a maximum length of a ½ page, and also include information such as your name, contact information and university. The abstract can be in either Danish or English.

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